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  • ‘We Don’t Need You White Man,’ ‘We Have Our Own Press’

    DC Black Lives Matter “protesters” were filmed harassing a livestreamer for the color of his skin. The leftist militants claimed that they “have their own press” and that they did not want white men to film them as they caused a scene in public. Streamer being harassed & called a domestic terrorist for filming – […] More

  • N.Y.C. Warns About Rising Virus Cases in Hasidic Neighborhoods

    New York City’s Health Department warned Tuesday evening that Covid-19 was spreading at increasing levels in several neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, a worrisome indicator after a couple of months of declining or flat transmission. City health officials said that they were especially concerned about a clear uptick in transmission among some of the city’s […] More

  • 2020 election needs a focus on the climate crisis

    On the federal level, we need the Green New Deal: a 10-year plan that will transform every facet of standard U.S. society to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030, create jobs that actually pay a livable wage, and facilitate an equitable transition for workers and frontline communities. A Green New Deal is not a […] More

  • Cindy McCain Endorses Biden, Citing Trump’s Disparagement of Troops

    WASHINGTON — Cindy McCain, the widow of Senator John McCain of Arizona, formally endorsed Joseph R. Biden Jr. for president on Tuesday, praising the “character and integrity” of her late husband’s longtime friend and colleague while voicing her unease with President Trump. Ms. McCain, who spoke in a video at the Democratic convention last month, […] More

  • McCloskeys Get Harassed as They Pick Up Their Christmas Cards, Which Feature Photos of Them Defending Home, So They Give One to Harasser (VIDEO)

    Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple that infamously defended their beautiful St. Louis home from a Black Lives Matter mob, was harassed as they picked up their Christmas cards from a print shop this week. The cards feature photos of the couple holding their weapons to defend their home in June. Patriot McCloskey’s get verbally […] More

  • Diaper need is a public health emergency that the government ignores

    Mayors, governors and even members of Congress will mark National Diaper Need Awareness Week, and congratulate their local diaper banks for doing amazing work. While their words will be sincere, you cannot keep a baby clean, dry and healthy with a photo op or tweet alone. Government funding for diapers is nearly nonexistent. A bipartisan congressional […] More

  • Biden, who will actually fight right-wing terrorism, is the one to keep us safer

    Mr. Johnson has been at this work for a long time, and has compiled quite a record of both being right about violent right-wing extremists, and of being attacked by conservatives who were attempting to coddle them. He served for a quarter century as a front-line participant in our government’s struggle against extremist terrorism. From […] More

  • ICE threatened detainees with solitary confinement for daring to ask for medical care, report says

    “Individuals held by ICE in administrative detention deserve to have their health and safety protected,” House Homeland Security Committee members said in the report, released this week. “Unfortunately, ICE and its contracted facilities frequently demonstrate an indifference to the mental and physical care of the migrants in their custody,” including “allowing medical care to deteriorate […] More

  • Kobe Bryant’s Widow Sues L.A. County Sheriff Over Crash Site Photos

    Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant, has sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, saying that she “lives in fear that she or her children” will see unauthorized photos taken by deputies at the site of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, their daughter Gianna and seven others. The lawsuit, which was filed […] More

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