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  • Writing for the Chinese Diaspora

    Good morning. The past year has been momentous for so many reasons it’s hard to even begin to describe them. A harsh spotlight has been cast on deep inequities in American life and on the myriad ways that racism and hatred afflict our nation. But if there’s one thing I hope we carry forward, it […] More

  • Feeling Blah During the Pandemic? It’s Called Languishing

    An early-morning word game catapults me into flow. A late-night Netflix binge sometimes does the trick too — it transports you into a story where you feel attached to the characters and concerned for their welfare. , While finding new challenges, enjoyable experiences and meaningful work are all possible remedies to languishing, it’s hard to […] More

  • Why Are Biden and Democrats Carrying Out “The Murder of the Middle Class?”

    By Wayne Allyn Root Back in 2014 I wrote a book titled, “The Murder of the Middle Class.” Don’t look now, but it’s happening. Back then I was referring primarily to the murder of middle-class jobs and the American Dream. Today it’s literally murder. Democrats appear to want the middle class eliminated. They’re not just […] More

  • The next big voting rights fight is in Texas

    Texas has, by one measure, the harshest voting rules of any state in the country. Now the Republican-controlled state government is working to make voting even harder — pushing legislation, similar to Georgia’s SB 202, that appears designed to suppress votes in Democratic-leaning areas of the increasingly purple state. One of the two big bills, […] More

  • Biden WH Removes Trump-Era Climate Scientist From Top Research Role

    The Biden administration has removed Betsy Weatherhead, a top climate science researcher at the White House who was brought onboard by a Trump political appointee. The Washington Post reported on Sunday night that Weatherhead had been removed from her leadership role at the White House Office of Science Technology Policy (OSTP), where she led the […] More

  • A Cuba Without a Castro? A Country Steps Into the Unknown.

    Over the past few years, as the Trump administration imposed stringent sanctions on Cuba and the tourism industry was decimated by the pandemic, Cubans have seen their country’s economy plummet once again, with many waiting for hours in bread lines. The country’s lauded health care system is frayed. And the number of Cubans trying to […] More

  • Opinion | If You Care About Social Justice, You Have to Care About Zoning

    Taking on exclusionary zoning also begins to address two other challenges the Biden administration has identified: the housing affordability crisis and climate change. Economists from across the political spectrum agree that zoning laws that ban anything but single-family homes artificially drive up prices by limiting the supply of housing that can be built in a […] More

  • Aleksei Navalny Is Transferred to Hospital for Vitamin Treatment

    MOSCOW — The Russian authorities moved the imprisoned opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny to a hospital on Monday for what was described as treatment with vitamins. The Russian penitentiary system released a statement saying that a commission of government doctors had decided on the move for Mr. Navalny, who is now nearly three weeks into […] More

  • Irrational Covid Fears – The New York Times

    Guido Calabresi, a federal judge and Yale law professor, invented a little fable that he has been telling law students for more than three decades. He tells the students to imagine a god coming forth to offer society a wondrous invention that would improve everyday life in almost every way. It would allow people to […] More

  • Remember the Tea Party? It’s Still Raising Millions in Dark Money. – Mother Jones

    Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Jenny Beth MartinChip Somodevilla/Getty Let our journalists help you make sense of the noise: Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter and get a recap of news that matters. Under Jenny Beth Martin’s direction, Tea Party Patriots has sprawled into a dark-money network where millions of dollars in often anonymous […] More

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