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  • From ‘Keep America Great’ to ‘It’s China’s Fault’: Trump retools campaign slogan

    Now, as Trump works diligently to convince Americans he’s already been robbed of reelection, he’s also reminding them that the impending loss wasn’t his fault. Asked about the expiring enhanced unemployment payments during Thursday’s coronavirus briefing, Trump said he’d like to extend some kind of payment to Americans out of work.  “It’s not their fault, what […] More

  • An Onslaught of Sports Set for August

    Though the return of baseball and basketball might make it feel like professional sports are back, there are still plenty of other leagues and events that have remained idle since pausing because of the coronavirus pandemic. But in 31 days, if the virus allows, the sports world will be running near full steam. Here’s a […] More

  • Lawmakers ‘Alarmed’ by Reports U.S. Envoy Told Brazil It Could Help Re-elect Trump

    RIO DE JANEIRO — Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Friday they were “extremely alarmed” by assertions that the American ambassador in Brazil had signaled to Brazilian officials they could help get President Trump re-elected by changing their trade policies. In a letter sent Friday afternoon, Committee Chairman Eliot L. Engel demanded that […] More

  • Trump did the crime, then he arranged the cover-up; only this time the crime is genocide

    When Trump stepped out of the White House on March 13 along with the CEOs of some of America’s largest retailers and pharmacy chains, it got exactly the response that Trump wanted. The media reliably reported on Trump’s latest “pivot,” how he was acting “presidential,” and how he was “finally taking the coronavirus seriously.” Even […] More

  • Despite Historic Plunge, Europe’s Economy Flashes Signs of Recovery

    LONDON — Before the pandemic, a traditional state of play prevailed in the enormous economies on the opposite sides of the Atlantic. Europe — full of older people, and rife with bickering over policy — appeared stagnant. The United States, ruled by innovation and risk-taking, seemed set to grow faster. But that alignment has been […] More

  • Another puny crowd greets Donald Trump, this time in central Florida

    Trump supporters on the tarmac in Tampa First came the comeback rally in Tulsa, which ended in total humiliation for Donald Trump as he rambled and howled before an arena that was far less than half full. Now, the Trump campaign can chalk up another humiliation, this time in Florida.  Team Trump arrived in Tampa, which is a […] More

  • Trump will reportedly order TikTok to find new ownership. Will it be Microsoft?

    It looks like the Trump administration is getting tougher on TikTok, the wildly popular social media app that’s best known as a place for teens to post short videos, amid mounting national security concerns about the app’s relationship with the Chinese government. According to Bloomberg, President Trump plans to sign an order compelling TikTok’s parent […] More

  • Trump Halts TV Advertising as He Struggles in Polls Against Biden

    Some former Trump officials said it was a good move to step back in the middle of the summer, when there was still plenty of time to readjust. “Considering the curveball Covid threw into the political landscape, it’s smart of the campaign to reassess what the most effective messaging is and where and when to […] More

  • Cops Called As 90 Day Fiancé Couple Have Scary Fight On Instagram Live!

    Trouble in paradise?? 90 Day Fiancé‘s Paul Staehle got cops AND fans involved in after filming a particularly heated argument with wife Karine Martins Staehle — and sharing it in real time on Instagram Live! For those who haven’t tuned in to the hit reality show (what are you waiting for??), the couple has faced their […] More

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