Donald Trump: ‘Fake News has never been more dishonest,’ following report of low internal polling


President Trump went on another tear against the “fake (corrupt) news media” Wednesday, this time rebuking a report that the White House’s internal polling found the president lagging behind 2020 candidate Joseph R. Biden in many key swing states.

“The Fake News has never been more dishonest than it is today. Thank goodness we can fight back on Social Media. There [sic] new weapon of choice is Fake Polling, sometimes referred to as Suppression Polls (they suppress the numbers). Had it in 2016, but this is worse,” he tweeted.

“The Fake (Corrupt) News Media said they had a leak into polling done by my campaign which, by the way, and despite the phony and never-ending Witch Hunt, are the best numbers WE have ever had. They reported Fake numbers that they made up & don’t even exist. WE WILL WIN AGAIN,” he wrote.

The New York Times reported Monday that Mr. Trump told aides to deny their internal polling that found him losing to the former vice president in several states critical for Mr. Trump to win reelection, despite it mirroring many public polls.

When their results leaked, he allegedly told aides to say the polls showed him doing favorably, the paper reported.


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