New Orleans flooding as first tropical storm of the season approaches


New Orleans streets flooded Wednesday ahead of the first tropical storm of the season. 

The City of New Orleans urged residents to stay off the road, tweeting out an alert about reported flooding. 

In a statement issued to CNN, the city said police, fire and EMS have responded to more than 250 emergency calls related to flooding.

New Orleans City Hall was closed an all non-essential staff were sent home. 

A flash flood emergency was declared in the region, with four to six inches of rain reported as of 9:30 a.m., according to Accuweather. 

The developing storm in the Gulf of Mexico has caused some oil rigs, including Shell and Chevron, to evacuate non-essential staff, CNN reports.

The storm could also possible turn into a hurricane, CNN reports. Residents in Louisiana and Mississippi will likely see heavy rain, in some cases more than a foot, CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said. 

Tweets of the conditions show people boating through the flooded New Orleans streets, and water seeping into public busses. 


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