The nasty ad Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings recorded urging voters to oust him from office does not seem to have done major damage to his re-election chances, according to a new poll released Thursday.

If anything, he may be getting a boost, OH Predictive Insights found.

A quarter of voters said the ad actually made them “more likely” to turn out to vote for Mr. Gosar, compared to 17 percent who said they were “less likely” to back the incumbent. Some 58 percent said the ad made no difference.

Overall, Mr. Gosar maintains support of 57 percent of voters, compared to 25 percent for his opponent, Dr. David Brill. The others were either backing a third candidate or are undecided.

The ad made national news and even earned time on late-night comedy shows.

In it, six of Mr. Gosar’s siblings say voters should reject him.

“As awkward as the next reunion will be, surprisingly most voters don’t have any interest in being a fly on the wall,” said Mike Noble, managing partner of the poll.

The survey included 370 people and has a margin of error of about 5 percentage points.

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