“That’s What the Government Is Doing, It Wants to Intimidate Parents”


Professor Nicholas Giordano was on with Steve Malzberg at ‘Eat the Press’.  He asks where are the conservatives in Congress and conservative groups in fighting back?

Giordana is a political science professor.  He hosts the PAS Report Podcast. He’s been on Tucker as well.

He says there is a link from the Justice Department’s “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”, unveiled in June, to the letter released aimed at parents at school board meetings. He also pleads with parents not to be afraid, but to continue to speak out or it will be too late.

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He is noted in the video below on Malzberg’s ‘Eat the Press‘:

:50 into video-I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THIS DAY–The memo issued by DOJ on parents as domestic terrorists is an extension of the National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism announced by Garland in June. They are openly targeting people that dissent. Where are conservatives in Congress and conservative groups fighting back, he asks?

3:40 into video– The media is supposed to be the fourth estate, and watch for government abuse. He says they have become an extension of the government trying to cover up and hide abuse. They are now activists who want obedience and compliance to a certain political agenda.

5:30 into video on Steve Bannon, Giordana says Congress still hasn’t received subpoena requested info from FBI on the Boston Marathon bombing, and no one who has defied a Congressional subpoena has gone to jail since 1980’s. The message to all opponents of the administration they are sending is they will target you and take you down. It’s meant to instill fear.

7:18 into video– Parents need not be afraid, they must continue to speak out or it will be too late to do so.

Here is the video from Steve Malzberg at Eat the Press on RT America:

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