White House, congressional leaders revive budget talks

Administration official and congressional leadership are trying to revive long-stalled talks aimed at getting a budget deal and avoiding a government shutdown this fall. 



Pelosi has been guarded about speculating that the renewed talks will lead to a breakthrough after negotiations between Democrats, GOP leadership and the White House derailed last month. 



“It’s possible. I don’t know. We’ll see what they come back with,” she added asked about the prospects of a deal coming together this month. 



The powwow comes as lawmakers are trying to revive negotiations and move a package that would increase the spending caps and raise the debt ceiling before August. But that leaves them little room for negotiations, with the House scheduled to leave town in late July and the Senate leaving town by August 2. 


Congress is juggling multiple funding deadlines: Lawmakers have until the end of September to pass a bill that would fund the government and prevent another shutdown. They could also need to raise the debt ceiling as soon as early September, an anxiety raising schedule because lawmakers won’t return from the August recess until Sept. 9. 


They also need to get a deal to increase the defense and non-defense spending caps. Without an agreement steep across-the-board cuts will be implemented in January. 


Senate Republicans signaled on Tuesday that they viewed this week as crucial to getting Democrats and the White House talking again if they were going to get the prospects of a deal, that would tackle both the budget and the debt ceiling, back on track.

“We’ll be trying to reconvene that soon because the House is only and for three more weeks and time is running out. And if we’re going to avoid having a either short or long-term CR or either a short or long-term debt ceiling increase, it’s time that we got serious on a bipartisan basis,” McConnell told reporters during a weekly press conference. 

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